Lighting can change the entire setting of any room or location. From an intimate gathering to an elaborate event, lighting is designed to enhance the details of any room or location. As important as lighting is to an event, lighting is not intended to overshadow the décor of the room, such as the flowers, linens, chairs or the overall ambiance of a location. We want you and your guests to experience the “Wow” factor when they first walk into your event. Listed below are some examples of lighting that we recommend for your special wedding, party or corporate event.

  • LEDs or Standard Uplighting
  • Pin Spotting of Guest Tables, Head Tables and/or Cake Tables
  • Custom Monogram/Logo or Pattern Gobo on a Wall or Dance Floor
  • Intelligent Lighting with Moving Lights

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Please note that additional fees may be incurred due to power requirements and fees charged by the event location. Final price will be determined after we contact the event location management/staff and view your venue.

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